Advieh.....WHAT THE??

Advieh (pronounced advie), is a Persian Blend used to flavor chicken, rice, and often beans. Persian slow-simmered stews are typically served with rice and and flatbreads. 

Persian food is not heavily spiced like Indian food, like most people think! Mostly Persian food is a delicate combination of sweet, sour, hot and cold.

Advieh is the region's signature spice blend and is sometimes described as a milder version of masalas — sort of sweet, fragrant and spicy all at once.

Adding to yogurt makes a delightful marinade for chicken, yet also fabulous when cooking couscous or rice (with those floral notes of ground-up rose petals and cinnamon!) Adding our advieh will surely elevate the most mundane of dishes.

....might easily become a go-to blend in your kitchen, as it is in ours:-)