Honky Tonk Chicken Rub- (Add-on FREEBIE!)

Our Honky Tonk Hot Rub mimics a brilliant way that Fried Chicken is served in a slew of restaurants in Nashville (and, now, in a whole bunch of national restaurant chains).
This style of fried chicken  is totally ubiquitous in Music City, so, if you love making fried chicken add this blend into your dry mix, and you’ll be set to go. Just use (look up) any spicy southern fried chicken recipes, and add our Honky Tonk Hot....just be sure that’s the recipe that you use calls for buttermilk. It’s a must!! ‘Trust in the must”. :-)
About 10 years ago, Nashville had their first Annual Music City Hot Chicken Festival, and the festival gets bigger and ‘hotter’ every year.
Now, we aren’t making too much fried chicken in my house (or ‘fried anything’), so it’s used as a rub, and we use it quite often. The first time we used it (recipe came from a Chef I know that runs a kitchen in Harlem in NYC), it was like......‘wow!’
There’s a bunch of restaurants around SoCal knocking out tons of Fried Chicken, whether it be hot with cayenne, or simply served up with waffles, but it’s just too easy to rub and dust a few 1/2 birds, let ‘em sit for at least 24 hours, and throw them on the grill. We finish them in the oven. But that’s not to say that you couldn’t just roast the chicken from the get-go ..
As a rub, a tablespoon is great per pound of chicken (more to your liking)
There is a bit of heat at the start, like upfront, but clears quickly, and is followed a little sweet kick.