VBF! (Vegetables Best Friend)

Thanks so very much for the wonderful comments and ideas on our 1st months’ seasonings.   More tasty is on the way!
Summer lasts a pretty darn long time in these parts, so the outdoor grill gets a lot of use. That’s not top say that we don’t still roast in the oven in the summer (as long as it’s not blazing hot outside). Roasting does wonders for getting those veggies to caramelize nicely (especially root vegetables). The edges get crispy just like on a BBQ.
Most vegetables love it when roasted in the high, dry heat of the oven. As the minutes pass by, you can almost smell how the vegetables love that dry heat. Again, transformational! 
And aside from roasting or grilling the chicken (or some other protein, there is nothing quite so simple than tossing fresh vegetables in a bowl (or sometimes I use one of those new silicone food bags, and a dusting of our VBF! (with a few spaces of your favorite olive oil).
If you like to steam veggies, you could always use this blend to ‘dust’. The flavor melts into the warm vegetable, leaving you with a pretty darn tasty end results. Like candy sometimes, right?
Try this blend with sweet potatoes or other super-dense root vegetables, or how ‘bout just with some sweet, gorgeous carrots (maybe a little onion in there also?). Fabulous on brussel sprouts. I’ve also used this with basically whatever melange of veggies are hanging around waiting to be used in my fridge. Kinda like a party just waiting to happen :-)
Two pounds of vegetables works just peachy with a full tablespoon of our VBF. Blend this seasoning WITH the first toss, and then a little dusting when they come out of the oven (or off the grill).