Our Top Shelf seasonings are hand-blended with premium globally sourced ingredients. That's why you won't find any of the following in our blends:

  • artificial flavors
  • artificial colors
  • artificial sweeteners
  • GMOs
  • irradiated spices
  • anti-caking agents
  • preservatives
  • MSG
  • chemicals
  • acids
Both my Nana Rose in Brookline (MA), and my Nana Tessie in Brooklyn could truly roast an amazing chicken. Not really sure what they did, but they had it down!  My Mom? Not so much. Her favorite cooking tool was the electric skillet, so you know we were eating a lot of fried breaded cutlets, LOL
The absolute bestest Roast Chicken that I ever had was at ZUNI CAFE in San Francisco. Chef Judy Rogers. Freakin' amazing. It was just a chicken.....but it was truly off the charts...
I needed to figure all of this out, so, of course I took a job in a French restaurant on the Upper East Side of NY doing, well, how about we call it 'grunt' work?
Fast forward to early 80's.......
We owned and operated a stew of busy, busy restaurants for a little more than 25 years. There was a regional American restaurant serving daily grub to an affluent community of famous rock n' rollers and 'industry' folks (actors and the like).  Next up, we opened a ‘beachy’ Southwest restaurant, and even an Asian Noodle Bar way-yy before the word ‘Pho’ became part of our everyday speak.
The restaurants were casual, but the ingredients that we used were always the best, making it pretty easy to get great results.
Since chicken is protein numero uno in the United States, I started playing around with freshly ground seasoning blends to ‘jack’ up the bird....and fresh vegetables as well. 
Fresh ground spices & herbs simply save the day.
Superpowers. Goodness. Joy.
So, we are passing on our ‘top shelf’, premium quality spice blends to you.
We also do craft, custom seasoning blends for Chefs
here in the South Bay(socal)
Reach out to me at hello@seasoningsgreetings.com
Cheap Spices aren’t Good, Good Spices aren’t Cheap
                                           Truly Simply & Damn Tasty.